UNILAD Exposed

Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. 

Cyber Crime

While the vast majority of cyber crime such as denial of service attacks are limited to moderately tech savvy end users that are underage and looking to cause mischief by taking things such as local websites or gaming servers offline, denial of service when harnessed and utilised by companies such as UNILAD can have devastating results for their competitors. Even minor denial of service attacks against things such as game servers can have a serious impact on the businesses that operate them. Depending on the size of the denial of service attack, it can result in the game server operators taking massive losses due to bandwidth charges or even having their service completely cut off...

Sam asking to Neg SEO the guardian website

The goal of the DdoS attacks carried out by UNILAD were to significantly impact competitors and prevent them from functioning so that UNILAD would receive their traffic, Sam Bentley on one occasion asked me how long to destroy H***** as a business and to DdoS ***** for a laugh. While I don't want to go to in-depth explaining how denial of service attacks work and the different types of attacks as this isn't a technical guide or an instruction manual for those looking to launch denial of service attacks, I will explain briefly how denial of service attacks work so that you as the reader understand what I'm talking about and can empathise with the businesses that I was ordered to attack on behalf of UNILAD and Sam Bentley...

Sam asking to destroy business.

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